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We are authorised to carry out non-contentious probate work and applying for probate and administering an estate easy for you.

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We are authorised by the ICAEW to carry out non-contentious probate work

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We prepare the HMRC and court forms on your behalf and submit these online

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Our costs are much lower than solicitors and banks, meaning more funds are available for beneficiaries

Grant of Probate

We complete and submit the forms required to obtain the Grant of Probate in your name, so you may administer the estate yourself.

Only £755

Complete Estate Service

We complete and submit the forms required to obtain the Grant of Probate in our name, and you appoint us to administer the entire estate on your behalf. You remain the executor.

From £1,450

Probate Step by Step

Step 1 

If you are unsure if you need to apply for probate, you can take our Quick Quiz, or call us for advice.

Step 2

Provide us with your contact details and the name of the deceased and we will send you an information pack, including our terms of business and full details of the costs involved, and a checklist of the information and documents we will need from you.

Step 3

Complete the questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and return it to us with the information and documents detailed on the checklist, together with your payment. If your completed pack contains any original documents, such as a will, you should send your pack to us by Special Delivery.

Step 4

We will confirm receipt of your pack and your payment and begin to prepare your application. We will let you know if we have any questions or need more information from you.

Step 5

If your application requires the more detailed IHT400 form instead of the basic IHT205, an additional charge will apply and we may require more information from you. The IHT400 will be submitted to HMRC on your behalf and we have to wait 21 days before we can submit the application for the Grant of Probate. This is to allow HMRC to process the form and update the Probate Registry. Any Inheritance Tax may need to be paid at this stage.

Step 6

Once any Inheritance Tax has been paid (or a deferment plan agreed), we will submit the application for the Grant of Probate to the Probate Registry and let you know once this is done.

Step 7

It usually takes the Probate Registry around 8 weeks from the date of submission to process the application and issue the Grant of Probate. We are unable to give you an exact date when the Grant of Probate will be issued. This timescale can vary depending on how busy the Probate Registry is at any one time and whether the Probate Registry has any queries. We will contact you if the Probate Registry raises any questions or requires any additional information.

Step 8

Once the Grant of Probate has been issued, we will send you 5 original copies (unless you request additional copies) and we will return any original documentation you have sent to us by Special Delivery. The original will is kept by the Probate Registry and not is returned. We will retain a copy of the will should you require it. Once you have the Grant, you will then be able to freely administer the estate.

Step 9 (Complete Estate Service only) 

If you require assistance in dealing with the estate, you can ask us to carry out our Complete Estate Service, which includes us administering the entire estate on your behalf. If you choose this option, once the Grant of Probate has been issued we will begin to administer the estate. This will typically include closing bank accounts, cashing in any investments, life and insurance policies, and selling any other assets included in the estate.

Step 10 (Complete Estate Service only)

Once we have collected in all of the estate assets, we will issue the statutory notices, pay any funeral costs or other debts that are owed by the estate, carry out the required anti-money laundering checks and then make payments to beneficiaries. Once complete, we will issue a detailed set of Estate Accounts to the executors.

Don't Do It Alone

Losing a loved one is a tragic experience in itself and is often very stressful. There can be a great deal of work involved in dealing with the affairs of the deceased estate and all this comes at a time of great loss and grief.

We’re here to help you, reduce the burden and guide you through the entire process.


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Common Questions

Do I need Probate?

 Take our quick online questionnaire to find out if you need probate or read our frequently asked questions here

What if there is no will?

Probate applies equally whether there is a will or not. There is a set order of priority for who may apply. Find out more here.

How long does it take?

The Probate Registry advise that probate usually takes around 8 weeks to be processed from the date the application is submitted.

What is the Complete Estate Service?

If you want us to help manage all aspects of the probate, including collecting in money and paying beneficiaries, find out more about our Complete Estate Service.

How do I know if inheritance tax (IHT) is payable?

For most estates, if the value of assets is under £325,000, then IHT will probably not apply. There are many exceptions to this, as well as several reliefs to be claimed. Read more here.

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Our Partners

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We were surprised at how easy the process was with Probates Online, and our grant came through quicker than expected. Thank you!

Andrew, Birmingham

The forms are long and quite complicated and contained terms we did not understand. This was a great service and well worth the money to ensure we got this right. Saved our family a lot of stress.

John and Lydia, Derby

After reading about the financial risks to executors in getting probate wrong, we decided to use the Complete Estate Service to deal with everything. The process was explained at the outset and the team were helpful and gave us regular updates. Very happy with the service received. 

Mandy and Chris, Wimbledon

We had a simple estate to deal with as it was just my father’s house, and the property transfer service was much cheaper than our local solicitor quoted. Very happy and took a lot off my mind.

Andrea, Manchester