How to Find a Good Estate Planning Lawyer in the United Kingdom

Good Estate Planning Lawyer

As a loved one, family member or executor of a will, it’s never easy to manage the estate of a deceased person, particularly if you’re not familiar with all the legal terminology. If the estate (the deceased’s assets and possessions) is complex or large, it can be even more complicated.

In these situations, making use of a complete estate service relieves the burden and provides all the help you may need. Whether a Grant of Probate has already been obtained or not, when you use an estate service, you remain the executor, but the estate is administered on your behalf.

What is an estate?

An estate is everything you own; this includes cash in the bank, pensions and life assurance, investments and insurance policies, your property, jewellery, cars, furniture and ornaments, even down to your prized set of golf clubs.

Therefore, everyone has an estate, even if they think they don’t. If you own it, it is part of your estate, and with the help of a good estate planning lawyer, you can make sure your estate is managed according to your wishes.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is a clear and detailed plan on exactly how you would like your estate managed when you die. It also sets out your funeral arrangements and how you would like to be looked after during your lifetime if you are incapacitated, whether that’s temporary or not. This is done through the use of a Power of Attorney within your estate plan.

Although having a will is a good step towards estate planning, it does not cover various other aspects of your estate. The problem is that a will is only suitable after your death; an estate plan ensures your wishes are upheld during your lifetime, too. A good estate planning lawyer will be able to make sure that you have covered everything you need to consider in your estate plan.

For example, you may want to exclude someone or some people from your will, and an estate plan will make sure that what you want is followed. There is also less of a chance of your will being challenged after you die.

Planning your estate also means that should you need long-term care during your lifetime, your wishes on your care, as well as your financial affairs, are carried out according to your instructions. Estate planning includes:

What does a good estate planning lawyer offer?

A good estate planning lawyer will offer a service that goes beyond just handling the paperwork. It covers:

A good estate planning lawyer will work with you throughout the administration process and is always available with support and advice.

Benefits of using a good estate planning lawyer

There are a variety of benefits to using an estate planning lawyer, including:

Probate is a time consuming, lengthy process, sometimes taking as long as a year or more depending on the complexity of the deceased’s estate. Although executors are entitled to manage the administration of an estate, any mistakes made in tax calculations or incorrect information on documentation will not only delay probate, it could hold you as the executor financially or legally responsible for the error.

At Probates Online, we offer a will writing service or a Complete Estate Service to help you through the probate process and estate administration upon the death of a loved one. If you are looking for advice on inheritance tax, gifts or trusts, or need to apply for a Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration or would like to take advantage of our entire Estate Administration service, visit our website for more information or contact us today.